Team & Partners

Core Team

Barbara Fischer

Project Co-Lead

I am a scientist with a background in mathematics and biology and my research interests are in human evolution and evolutionary medicine. Moreover, I am also a dedicated teacher with a strong interest in science communication. I enjoy giving popular science talks as well as writing articles for a general audience and I have authored a textbook for high school biology. I am the project lead for the Mendel project GJM200 at the University of Vienna and in this role I am co-leading the content development for our various activities at the Natural History Museum on inheritance for school classes as well as the organization of our scientific symposium on the legacy of Mendel for science and society for his 200th anniversary. I am also responsible for the GJM200 project finances.

Lynn Chiu

Project Co-Lead

I am a philosopher of biology and science communicator. Employed by the University of Vienna under the GJM200 Mendel project, I am expanding my science communication repertoire into the public engagement of science. I co-led content development for each of our Deck50 NHM Wien museum projects and co-designed the theme and direction of the KLI Mendel symposium. In addition to developing research and public writing for the work we're doing around Mendel's legacy, I am also managing our project communication and publicity efforts, which include this website, social media outreach, and event planning and coordination.

Philipp Mitteroecker

Project Co-Lead

I am a theoretical biologist and evolutionary biologist with strong interests in human and animal evolution, evolutionary medicine, biological anthropology, statistics, and the philosophy of science. I teach morphometrics, statistics, theoretical and evolutionary biology at the University of Vienna and the University of Graz, and I am a directorial board member of the KLI Institute for Evolution & Cognition Research. In addition to administrative work for the GJM200 project, I developed the basic aims and framework for the workshops at the Natural History Museum together with Barbara. I am also involved in planning and organization of the KLI symposium.

Severin Bachmayer

Student Assistant

I study at the Evolutionary Systems Biology Master programme at the University of Vienna. As a student assistant for the Mendel200 Project, I help out with organisation, the occasional translation, and assist with anything that comes up last-minute. I'm mostly involved with the school workshops at the NHM, especially developing the "Meet Mendel" performance and the Art x Science game, and with organizing the upcoming symposium at the KLI. As the information gap between basic research and the general public keeps growing, I want to do what I can to work towards trying to reverse this trend. This is my first job in science communication, and I'm very happy to be able to be part of a project that emphasizes the historical and current importance of citizen science and showcases the benefits of people working together, especially of institutions as different as the St. Thomas’s Abbey in Brno and the Department for Evolutionary Biology at the University of Vienna.

Michael Wimmer


I graduated in 2010 in Slavonic studies at the Universities of Vienna. Since 2011 I have been working at the Department for Research Services and International Relations. In 2013, I started as project manager of the LLP-Project “PRIDE – Professionals in Doctoral Education” and have been working as such in various programmes (ERC, H2020 Cooperation, Interreg, COST) since then. In 2016 I also finished the first step of my education in Project Management, being certified as Junior Project Manager IPMA Level D®.

Science Communication team


I am a marine biologist and science communicator. I’m interested in helping bridging the knowledge gap between the academic sphere and the people outside of it, especially via social media, videos, and storytelling. In Mendel200 I am responsible for creating engaging videos about different aspects of Mendel and his legacy.

Graphic Designer

I am an illustrator and designer based in Vienna. I illustrate science and school books, newspapers, make logo designs and do live drawings at events.

In Mendel200 I designed the logo and the corporate identity, took part in conceptualizing an art and science activity and craft small animations.

Gernot Einsinger

"Meet Mendel" performer

Working with the GJM200 project, I can combine two passions of mine: My professional education as a master's student in molecular neurobiology and my experience in theatre. Drawing from these two fields – acting and biology – I am impersonating Gregor Mendel for the Deck50 “Meet the Scientist” workshop at the Natural History Museum of Vienna.


I am an artist and a videographer based in Vienna. My work is located at the interface of fine arts, design and education. At the Mendel200 project, I am responsible for the video documentation of the symposium “Gregor Mendel's Legacy in Science and Society” at the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research.

Project partners

Mendel Museum & Augustinian Abbey

Masaryk University

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna (BOKU)

The Giant Pea

VIENNA Strategic partners

Deck50-NHM Wien