Mendel Stories

Directed by Maria Pinto of Sea&Me

Five experts talk about the different aspects of Mendel's life, science, and legacy. Our 'Mendel Stories' are a collection of short videos directed by Maria Pinto on Mendel's life and his legacy told by philosophers, historians, educators and biologists.

Story 1.

Mendel's Vienna

with Barbara Fischer

Epidemics. Student revolutions. Educational reforms. Failed exams. Teachers in physics and evolutionary biology--ahead of his time. How did these influences become Mendel? Evolutionary biologist Barbara Fischer uncovers the wider context of Mendel's Viennese influences.

Story 2.

A Life of Challenges

with Blanka Křížová

Mendel's life was full of hardships, but produced an extraordinary body of scientific results. Blanka Křížová, Director of the Mendel Museum at Brno, talks about the life and scientific achievements of Mendel.

Story 3.

the battle over mendel

with Gregory Radick

Mendel's classic paper was not "rediscovered" in 1900, but reinterpreted. Had the dispute that followed between biologists William Bateson and W. F. R. Weldon over Mendel ended differently, would textbooks today be fundamentally different? How can we test this idea? Historian of science Gregory Radick introduces us to his new book "Disputed Inheritance" and the result of his experiments in the classroom -- what happens when we teach Mendelian patterns as an exception, not the rule?

Story 4.

beyond Mendel

with Eva Jablonka

"Think very carefully about all the assumptions that go into Mendel's paper. And test them." Teaching how Mendel experimentally approached the question of heredity enables us to understand how to move forward. Eva Jablonka talks Mendel and her journey from genetics to extra-genetic inheritance.

Story 5.

Should we teach Mendel differently?

with Kostas Kampourakis

Mendel, considered the father of genetics, is the starting point of the scientific teaching of genetics. In the 21st century, should we teach Mendel differently? Why? And how?

director: Maria Pinto (Sea&Me)